Help support KFUN’s CRTC application to improve its signal!

KFUN has filed an application with the CRTC which will allow us to improve our signal, and allow you to hear your favourite Classic Hits in more places.

As part of the process, we need your help!

Members of the public are encouraged to send letters or emails supporting our application.  Copy and paste the suggested template below into the Comments section at the bottom of this page, along with your name and email address or feel free to write your own letter in support.

Remember, If you copy the template below, please insert your City, Name and any comments you may have.

Simply submit your letter and we’ll make sure it gets to the CRTC.

The intervention deadline is February 9th, 2018. 

Thanks for your support!





Mr. Claude Doucet
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0N2

Subject: Application by Bell Media Inc. on behalf CKKW-FM Kitchener (KFUN) – Application No. 2018-0004-5

Dear Mr. Doucet:

I am writing to express my support for KFUN’s application to amend its broadcasting license in order to improve reception of the station’s signal.

I live in (INSERT NAME OF YOUR COMMUNITY) and I often have difficulty getting clear reception of the station. When trying to tune to KFUN to hear my all-time favourite Classic Hits and on-air personalities I end up hearing WDCX-FM, a station in Buffalo which broadcasts religious programming and often completely overtakes the KFUN signal.

I am asking the Commission to approve this application as it will allow KFUN to better serve its listeners. I really enjoy listening to this station, whether I am at home, work or in the car but the interference from Buffalo makes that difficult. I understand that an increase in the station’s power will help alleviate that situation.

Please allow the listeners in the greater Kitchener/Waterloo region to enjoy KFUN as it was meant to be.


Please note that I do not wish to participate in a public hearing and that I have requested that Bell Media submit this letter of support on my behalf in accordance with Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-28-1.

Thank you for the opportunity to support this application.







KFUN’s CRTC Application Email

If you copy the template above, please remember to copy the email above and insert your City, any comments and Name. Thank you for your support.