David Usher Shares Pic Of Injured Finger

Singer David Usher, best known as frontman of rock band Moist, says he’s still a couple of weeks away from being able to play guitar again.

The 52-year-old Montreal-based musician suffered ligament damage that required him to wear a splint on the middle finger of his left hand for about six weeks.

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No guitar for a few weeks

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After removing the splint earlier this week, Usher shared a photo of his gnarly-looking finger on Instagram.

“The cast has come off,” he captioned the pic. “Now 2 weeks of training till I get back playing guitar.”

In the comments, fans were mostly sympathetic and shared wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Some had different reactions. “I almost fainted looking at this,” one commented. Another wrote: “Gross... did this have to be so close up?”

Usher’s manager Graeme McDonald told iHeartRadio.ca: “It's possible that he'll never play the violin after this. But then, fortunately for him, he never did play violin.”