LISTEN: Lee Ann Womack Debuts 'Hollywood'

Country singer Lee Ann Womack shared a new song, “Hollywood,” on Tuesday.

The moody track, co-written with Waylon Payne and Adam Wright, is the second single from Womack’s forthcoming album The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone, out Oct. 27. Womack released "All The Trouble" last month.

It will be the 51-year-old singer’s ninth studio album since 1997.

"Hollywood" is about a partner who isn’t very open about the state of a relationship. "We pretend it's real but it's only make-believe," Womack sings.

“Every time I ask you, you just say we’re good / Either I’m a fool for asking or you belong in Hollywood."

Womack has earned a collection of awards, including a Grammy and several CMAs.

Listen to the song below: