Fredericton Transit strategic plan recommended for adoption

The City of Fredericton says the Transportation Committee has recommended to City Council that the Fredericton Transit Strategic Plan be endorsed.

The city says the proposed Strategic Plan presents a forward thinking vision for Fredericton Transit and supports the needs of a diverse and growing city over the next decade.

A press release was issued on Monday that outlined the shot- medium- and long-term goals and recommendations of the Strategic Plan:

Short-term (0-2 years)
- technology upgrades including data gathering systems
- updating and simplifying the fare structure
- undertaking a detailed review and update of the route network and exploring the use of on-demand service
- introducing Park and Rides through a phased approach that initially builds off the established fixed route system that over time broadens to include the consideration of express service

Medium-term (2-5 years)
- include the introduction of a Sunday transit service Pilot
- exploring the feasibility of a northern transit hub, pending the outcomes of a more detailed route network update
- modernizing the fare collection system
- upgrading the transit scheduling software with the incorporation of on-demand service options

Long-term (5+ years)
- exploring partnership opportunities with the airport for service to the airport for staff and/or passengers
- upgrading communication and collision warning systems on the buses
- continuing to upgrade fare media that reduces or eliminates the need for paper passes
- continued efforts to develop partnerships that facilitate the introduction of employer passes and other service improvements

The city says the plan was formed through the consultation of stakeholders over a three month period at the start of 2018 via internal and external group meetings, private one-on-one discussions, steering committee presentations, public engagement sessions and surveys, service ride-alongs with operators and passengers and a roaming "idea bus".