• Dribbling Threadmill

    Just a little dribbling exercise, no biggie. It does have a lesson though: don't try to show off!
  • Puppy versus Ball

    This puppy puts a good fight but that ball is next level. Keep practicing, boy!
  • Chance the Reporter?

    On Saturday Night Live this weekend, we had Chance the Rapper as a hockey reporter. We're not sure but he looks like maybe he doesn't like the cold...
  • New Incredibles Movie!

    The new Incredibles 2 is coming in 2018 and we've got a trailer! The first one was so good!
  • Robot Waltz

    We're always talking about AIs taking over and enslaving mankind. What if they just want to dance?
  • Don't look down!

    In the middle of it, he turns his head to look at the train going under him. Don't they say that you shouldn't look down?
  • Bus Blocked

    Talk about bad timing. Maybe he can just ask them to do it again?
  • Raise the Roof!

    I like how calm this guy is after the fact. At least you can learn from his mistake!
  • Trouble in Zimbabwe

    Last week, the military took over the presidential district in Zimbabwe. Here's a short description of what's going on over there!
  • Incredible Visual Effects

    Mindhunters has really taken off on Netflix, it seems like everybody's watching it. But what are they watching exactly?
  • World's Best Bodyguard

    This little guy is the best bodyguard could ask for. Look at the courage in his little otter eyes!
  • Using Your Head to Win the Game

    There's no rule that says you have to catch the ball with both hands. This player is just using his head!