We are excited to announce that Ryan Langdon is our Future Star! Check him out.


  • Lifting The Stones

    Leigh Holland-Keen became the second woman to lift the Dinnie Stones, who weigh 730 pounds combined. What a feat!
  • Puppy Attack

    Who doesn't want to play around with puppies? This is too adorable!
  • Engine Snake Fix

    Don't you hate it when there's a snake in your engine? Just grab it and toss it away.
  • Jumping Sheep

    Would we have known without the internet that animals love trampolines? Add sheep to the list!
  • Filling a Fridge with Fire

    Finally the answer to that eternal question: can you make a fridge fly with firecrackers? Science!
  • Cooking Sous-Vide!

    Sous-vide is the new cool way to cook. Babish explains what you can do with this technique!
  • Signing Lightning Quick

    Everyone knows that Eminem can rap really fast and it's this woman's job to sign his lyrics at the same speed. Wow!
  • A Tragic Theft

    An airline employee stole a plane on Friday and flew loops with it, before crashing. Quite a story!