Classes resume at Twin Lakes, investigation ongoing

Classes are expected to be back to normal at an Orillia High School today.

Twin Lakes Secondary was locked down yesterday mornaing after a threat. Some students were told that two armed men were at the school. Police swarmed the area, and students were eventually escorted out of the high school and bused to Harriet Todd Elementary School, one of two elementary schools in the area that were placed into a hold and secure state.

None of the students or staff were hurt in the incident. The investigation is ongoing.

The OPP are also investigating an incident involving an OPP officer and a young person. A video shared on social media shows an altercation between the two, with the officer appearing to punch the young man in the head before he was tackled to the ground and arrested. It is not believed the young person is a student at the school. No word yet if any charges were laid.

To view the video click here.

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