DNA kit reunites Orillia man with birth mom, 63 years later

Mother’s Day 2018 was one to remember for Robert Mackenzie, a resident of Orillia, ON. At the age of 63 and just one week before Mother’s Day, Robert was finally connected with his birth mother.

Adopted at birth in the 1950s Robert Mackenzie had almost lost hope of ever connecting with his birth family. That is, until his daughter gave him an AncestryDNA kit for Christmas in 2017. To his surprise, the results revealed a third cousin located in Calgary he didn’t know existed. When he made contact to learn more about this cousin match, Robert unexpectedly found a connection to his mother, Francis, after 63 years of searching.

“When the adoption records opened-up I had applied for them but unfortunately did not hear anything back,” Robert says. “I spent hours searching online for more information but came up empty handed. That is until my daughter and I took our AncestryDNA kits and received a tip about this mysterious third cousin.”

Robert contacted his third cousin, who wasn’t familiar with anyone by the name of Francis. It was her father who eventually made the connection, that he had an aunt named Francis. The Sunday before Mother’s Day in 2018, Robert and Francis spoke and two days later they met in person.

Robert has two half-sisters and two half-brothers that he’s met after being connected with his biological family. He also speaks on the phone with Francis every second day and they’re looking forward to celebrating their second Mother’s Day together.


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