Third icebreaker stymied by thick ice on Georgian Bay

Shipping officials were hoping that the third time would be a charm, but it is not to be.

The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Pierre Radisson rounded Hope Island this morning - April 8 - only to come face to face with a thick wall of ice. The ship had been sent to Georgian Bay to free Canada Steamship Lines' Baie Comeau, which has been stuck at the grain elevator dock in Midland since the ice over in January.

But attempts by the Pierre Radisson to break through the ice were unsuccessful - much like the attempts by the Samuel Risley and the American CG Cutter Bristol earlier in the season.

Those on shore waiting for the icebreaker to come into Midland Harbour were told by the crew of the Baie Comeau that it would be at least another week before an icebreaker would be able to make another attempt - and the Baie Comeau crew were being sent home to wait it out.