Texaco Sign Still Missing!


It’s been just over a year since a KICX Country landmark went missing.  

Anyone passing through Anten Mills knew there were 2 things to watch for as you made your way along Horseshoe Valley Rd…The Fry Guy, and the Texaco sign.  

Nancy Priest -Coutt’s parents opened the Texaco station in 1957, and although the station shut down years ago,  the sign out front remained for all to see,  until it was stolen just over a year ago.  

It’s believed the thieves who cut the 150 lb sing down, used a ladder beside the Coutts building, then, returning the ladder to it’s proper place, took the sign and vanished.  
The story was shared widely on Facebook, and covered by CTV News, and although no leads have been generated as of yet, there is still hope….Somebody knows something, and we just want our Anten Mills landmark back!

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477