• Topper's Tuesday

    Want to be the hero of the office? Enter to win Topper's Tuesday and we might show up to your workplace with pizza for you and your co-workers. So what are you waiting for?! Win some delicious Topper's Pizza for your office below! If you're the winner, the KICX Crew will show up to your workplace on Tuesday with pizza from Topper's Pizza for up to 20 people.
  • Moola Money Contest Rules

    Rules and Regulations for Moola Money
  • Moola Money

    She's BACK! Moola has been saving up her money over the summer and she wants to give it ALL away. All $10,000!!
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    General Contest Rules
  • KICX Ticket Tuesday and Jackpot Fridays

    TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS could make you millions of dollars richer with KICX 917!