KICX Country Days of Summer

Summer time is here and that means one thing, it’s the KICX Country Days of Summer.

The KICX Crew will be out and about the community attending all the fun events and festivals. Not to mention taking over a few backyards for a party and even giving away 200 slices of pizza weekly! Be on the lookout for the KIC Crew, you can miss them, they’ll be driving around in their sweet new 2018 Dodge Ram from Laurentian Chrysler! If you come say hi this summer, you might score some sweet prizes and swag. We’re even handing out ice cold freezies from Kisko to keep you cool! So make sure to come say hi!

Sounds like fun right? So join us for the KICX Country Days of Summer!

Sponsored by:
Topper’s Pizza
Laurentian Chrysler 
Nickel Belt Camping