Topper's 200

Pizza is life, especially 200 slices of it!

Topper's 200No, that’s not a typo. KICX and Topper’s Pizza have teamed up to bring you delicious pizza ALL summer long. Every Thursday from July 5th to August 30th we’ll select a lucky neighbourhood. We’ll go set up and hand out 200 slices of pizza to the residents of the winner’s street. Imagine if you won, you’d be the hero of the block.. wait.. hero of the WHOLE neighbourhood!

To enter, just fill out the form below. We’ll notify you if you’ve won. We’ll be out on the Wednesday Evening to hang door knockers around your street to let all the neighbours know that YOU won them all pizza the following night (Thursday’s at 5pm) and where they can find us set up (in YOUR driveway). Then the next day we’ll show up with 200 slices of pizza for you and everyone in your neighbourhood.