Arrests Made after Jewelry Robbery

Around 4:30pm on November 7th, a Sudbury woman attempted to sell jewlery after arranging a meeting over Kijiji. A man and woman arrived at a residence on Ash Street and once the jewelry was shown to them they attempted to grab the item and flee. The woman tried to stop the theft but was physically assulted before the two suspects feld on foot. The woman then called the police who arrived a short time after the incident to collect video surveillance footage where the two suspects happend to be caught on camera. A K9 track was also conducted in the area leading officers to a residence on Eyre Street. The uniformed officers approched the residence where the man involved in the incident turned himself over to the police and was then transported to Police Headquarters. A search warrent was granted and then officers entereed the residence where the woman involved was located and also arrested.

Both individuals involved were charged with Robbery and are being held in custody where they will be attending Bail Court to answer to the charges.