At Least 30 Tickets Issued on 1st Day of School

The Sudbury Police Traffic Management Unit spent the first day of school at various locations near school zones patrolling the roads to ensure safe driving and road safety.

Below is a summary of the tickets issued:

Speeding: 18 tickets issued...
Distracted driving: 1
Seatbelt infractions: 1
Other moving violation (i.e. rolling stop): 1
Traffic signal violations: 2
Suspended driver: 1
No insurance papers: 2
Administrative charges (i.e. expired stickers): 7

One driver was charged with driving 48 km over the posted speed limit, near a school zone.

Also, the School Resource Officers from their Community Mobilization Unit as well as their Community Response Unit officers spoke with several parents, teachers and school staff in relation to road safety precautions for children and students.

Sudbury Police went on to say, "We hope everyone had an enjoyable return to school! We will continue to monitor school zones very closely for the remainder of the school year."