Curl Sudbury Receives $150,000 Grant

Early spring is usually when curling season wraps up for Curl Sudbury, but that won’t be the case this year. Coming off the exciting purchase of new curling stones earlier in February, Curl Sudbury is also proud to announce that it has been granted $150,000 by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) to renovate the under-ice systems at the curling facility.


Combined with a portion of Curl Sudbury’s own saving, OTF’s grant will be used to install a new concrete floor in the curling rink, replacing the current sand flooring. This change is expected to increase the facility’s energy efficency and allow further use outside of the winter months. The renovation project is expected to cost approximately $220,000.


The new flooring would allow Curl Sudbury to greatly increase the facility’s summer occupancy, allowing them to further promote health and wellness activites with summer sports such as pickle ball or having available floor space for trade shows or even film production.


Curl Sudbury will be hosting a recognition event to thank OTF once the renovations are underway this summer.