Hydro Outage Update

Sudbury Hydro has made good progress in restoring service to the areas in New Sudbury affected by Monday evening’s downburst.

Crews are back at it today, working mostly in backyards.

They are optimistic that they will be able to re-power all lines by the weekend.

Crews from North Bay Hydro, Sault Ste. Marie PUC and Lakeland Power have agreed to stay until line restoration work is done.

At present, about 300 customers are still without power, awaiting line repair. This number does not include structures with damaged "masts".

It is important to note that once all lines are energized, some homes with damaged masts (the connection point between Greater Sudbury Hydro power lines and the home—usually looks like a pipe—see attached diagram) will need to have repairs completed by an electrician, and then ESA(Electrical Safety Authority) must do an inspection and forward an authorization to the utility before we can complete the reconnection. We advise people to be pro-active; if the service mast on your home looks damaged, call an electrician now to get it fixed.

That will expedite your reconnection once power is restored in your area.

Also, be sure all stoves, ovens, irons, curling & flat irons and any other electrically powered heating equipment are turned off or unplugged before the power is restored. The same for sensitive electronic equipment. It could be damaged by a power surge; better to unplug beforehand.

Any questions about food safety should be directed to Public Health Sudbury & District. Check their website: www.phsd.ca