It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a...It IS a Plane!

Vale’s annual aerial seeding program will occur this week with the use of helicopters. The company’s aerial seeding program targets barren land requiring reclamation around the Company’s operations.


The Vale program, which started in 1990, has treated more than 3,600 hectares (8,900 acres) of land to date. This year’s treatment area will be approximately 100 hectares (250 acres), north of Coniston.


While every effort will be made not to fly over nearby residential areas, local residents may notice low-flying helicopters near Coniston. Residents are advised that this is part of Vale’s normal land reclamation activities and the low flight paths are necessary for the work to be effective.


Weather permitting, planes will depart from a private airstrip in Coniston and deposit loads of agricultural limestone, grass seed and fertilizer on the designated treatment areas.