Mayor Bigger Wants Feedback on Election Process

Mayor Bigger is soliciting feedback from you, the residents of Greater Sudbury, to ensure that we have the information necessary to determine the next voting method the City will use in the 2022 municipal election. 


“I, along with City Staff have received a great deal of feedback from our residents and candidates about the online voting process and we owe it to voters in the next election to find out if they want to maintain that process or have it adjusted,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “We also would like to know if the online voting concept was properly communicated, and to see if it made voting more or less accessible to you."
The City of Greater Sudbury has engaged Oracle Poll Research to contact and consult with voters across every part of Greater Sudbury. This information will be presented to Council and the public and will provide recommendations on how to increase participation rates and make it easier for voters in 2022.
“We need to gather as much data as possible now, to ensure this is top of mind for our residents,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “We would also like to understand what influenced a turnout that was well below the provincial average, and encourage more people to vote in the future.”
Mayor Bigger will be soliciting a great deal of feedback from our citizens over the next four years. He would like to have constant contact, feedback and input from the public on a variety of issues. In this poll the city will also be asking you about hens in residential areas, policing and economic development.
Council has received a strong mandate from the people of Greater Sudbury with all incumbents returned. We are approaching some monumental times in Greater Sudbury and as Council shapes the City’s future, we need to ensure all of you are heard. We owe that to taxpayers, residents and the next generation of Greater Sudburians who will be leading our City. I would encourage residents to participate.