Possible Exemption in Parking Ban

As most already know there is an overnight parking ban in effect until March 31. Meaning that parking is not allowed on any roadway, highway, laneway or side street within the city between midnight and 7 a.m. This by-Law is strictly inforced seven days a week and has been put in place so that snow removal efforts in the city can be as effective and efficiant as possible.

But, Mayor Brian Bigger said on Friday that next week he with put forth a motion to create an exemption for the busiest days of the upcomming holidays including Chirstmas, Chirtsmas Eve and New Years because he does not want anyone to use the by-law as an excuse to drive drunk. Bigger has stated that her does "believe if we can stop one person from getting into their car after they've been drinking because they don't want to get a ticket, then this is well worth any inconvenience we might experience in our snow removal efforts."

Remember, driving drunk is a danger to everyone on the roads! Find a designated driver, take a cab, use public transportation or spend the night to stay safe!