Conservation Sudbury Issues Water Safety Statement

Conservation Sudbury is issuing a Water Safety statement for Greater Sudbury watersheds.

The current Environment Canada forecast for the weekend and into early next week indicates warm temperatures nearing 16o C with light precipitation.

Most of the snowpack within the City of Greater Sudbury has melted over the past few weeks, however the upper reaches of the Vermilion River and the Wanapitei River watersheds still have snowpack with significant water content. Current water levels and flows on large rivers are higher than normal and will remain high for some time to come. The forecast warm temperatures will further degrade the remaining snowpack and ice, further increasing levels and flows even in rivers where water levels are receding.

Public safety is the number one priority, epecially for children who may be attracted to the edge of creeks or rivers. The cold, fast-flowing water must be avoided. Stream banks will be very slippery and unsafe, and must be avoided. Any open-water areas will continue to widen and these must also be avoided.

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