Flood Outlook Issued by Conservation Sudbury

Rain...Rain...And more rain!

Conservation Sudbury is issuing a Flood Outlook for the Junction Creek watershed and for the Romford Creek watershed. Romford Creek flows through parts of Coniston before joining Coniston Creek.

For all other watercourses within the City of Greater Sudbury, Water Safety messaging is being maintained.

Significant rain is moving through the area, bringing 20 - 40 mm of rain before the end of Good Friday followed by warmer temperatures through the Easter weekend.

Current water levels and flows on all watercourses in our area are elevated but within seasonal range. The upper reaches of watersheds still have significant snowpack, holding about 150 mm of water content. The combination of rainfall and warm temperatures will produce significant runoff resulting in higher flows and water levels. Smaller and urbanized watercourses like Junction and Romford Creeks can react much more quickly to high intensity rainfall than larger rivers will.

The developing conditions must be closely monitored by all residents especially those living in known low-lying, hazard areas where overland flooding or ponding could become an issue.

Public safety is absolutely the number one priority, especially for children who may be attracted to the edge of creeks or rivers. The cold, fast flowing water must be avoided. Stream banks will be very slippery and unsafe, and must be avoided. Open water areas often found at the edges of ice-covered lakes will continue to widen and these must also be avoided.

Conservation Sudbury remains in direct contact with the City of Greater Sudbury and all other partners as required; staff continues with the monitoring of water levels and updates will be provided as required.

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