Man Arrested & Charged After Assault on Paquette Street

A Sudbury man has been arrested and charged, after an assault Thursday (April 4) morning. 
Sudbury Police say shortly after 9am, they received a call regarding the assault on Paquette Street, where a man was seen hitting a young woman outside a residence. 

A passerby stopped to help the young woman, and the man fled on foot, running into another residence. 
Moments later, Officers arrived on scene and secured the perimiter of the home, making sure the suspect would not leave...

The young woman sustained minor injuries, and Police confirm the two were NOT known to eachother. 
After getting a warrant to enter the home, Police arrested the 43 year-old man, who is charged with assault, resisting arrest, and assaulting a peace officer. 

His name cannot be released at this time, as information has not been sword through the court process.