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  • Solar sculptures

    This device focuses sun rays to melt sand, turning it into glass sculptures. When he's done, he just picks it up and puts it in his jeep. What would you create with this?
  • Fetch machine

    I'd just watch this dog play by himself for hours. How many times would a dog fetch a ball if a dog could choose how many times it could fetch a ball?
  • Birdie's new frog

    Usually, we give plush toys to babies but maybe we'll need to expand that to include birds. Look how happy it is! It even says I love you!
  • Flying Service Dog

    This video is making the rounds. This guy brought his service dog on the plane but another passenger was having none of it. I love how the dog is just sitting on the side during the video, like he's listening.
  • Oldest Yoga Teacher

    She's 98, she teaches yoga, she dances and it seems like she smiles every second of her life. No slowing down in sight. Truly an inspiration.
  • New batch of life hacks

    A while back, we brought you a video with a bunch of useful life hacks. Well, here's the new installment. Take the hacking to the next level!
  • New Justice League trailer

    The new Justice League trailer is out! Jason Momoa is going to make Aquaman look like a badass. Who's excited?!
  • Dog on ice

    I think this fella watched Air Bud a few too many times. It sort of makes you wonder where the dog actually came from, before the video started rolling. Was he on the sidelines watching the game?
  • Saving a pelican

    At first, I was wondering what this guy was doing, grabbing pelicans on the boardwalk. Turns out he's doing it for a good reason!
  • Hugh Jackman, PE teacher

    Hugh Jackman recognizes a student he taught in school who became a journalist. Who better to teach PE than Hugh Jackman!
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