Brittany King

Brittany King

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  • That time Nonna gave me a weed t-shirt because she thought it was something else

    It's 420, which reminds me of the time my 93-year-old Italian grandmother once gave me a marijuana t-shirt.
  • Ed Sheeran's first song ever will make you laugh

    If you thought Ed Sheeran was born with natural talent...
  • Langford's Mayor Young takes down candy thief

    What has your mayor done for you lately? Because Langford's Mayor Young chased a candy thief down the street.
  • Gary Robbins' second attempt at the Barkley Marathons ends in heartbreak, but he's still the man!

    My heart sank when I found out what happened to Gary Robbins on his second attempt at the Barkley Marathons. Hear his unbelievable story.
  • KOOL listener Shannon on her experience as a volunteer baby-hugger in Alberta

    VIHA's implementing volunteers to hug vulnerable babies at Vic Gen and KOOL listener Shannon shares her experience of when she did it in Alberta
  • Potty/Crate training my 9-year-old rescue pup - HELP!

    What worked best for you when you potty/crate trained your dog? Suggestions welcome!
  • This guy was rudely rejected by a this is what he did

    Do you have a dating resume? What would go on it? This guy wrote one...and it's good!
  • 5-year-old Alice has a great suggestion for stores who only sell pink princess shirts for girls

    5-year-old Alice writes a letter to a store who only sells pink princess shirts for girls