Brittany King

Brittany King

Can I get a ride home? You drive, I'll play Today’s Best Music! Also lots of Nonna phone calls, giveaways, news & local events and personal stories (I want to hear yours, too!) Got a motorcycle road trip I should, trail to hike or book to curl up with? Tell me! And let’s hang out weekdays from 2-6, ok?

  • Missing: Summer

    Have you seen Summer? Missing since August 2016.Reward offered for her safe return.
  • Are you a hugger?

    Where are you on the scale of Hugger to Jerry Seinfeld?
  • Grandma leaves a voicemail apologizing for eating all the donuts

    It's National Donut Day - and this Grandma ate them all!
  • What's your worst housing rental story?

    Have you ever lived somewhere not-so-great because it's all you could afford...or it's all that was available?
  • What's the best peanut butter?

    What's the best peanut butter and how do you deal with all that Adam's oil?