Brittany King

Brittany King

Can I get a ride home? You drive, I'll play Today’s Best Music! Also lots of Nonna phone calls, giveaways, news & local events and personal stories (I want to hear yours, too!) Got a motorcycle road trip I should, trail to hike or book to curl up with? Tell me! And let’s hang out weekdays from 2-6, ok?

  • Ian Casselman of Marianas Trench talks mental health, true love and why we should practice good karma

    My full interview with drummer Ian Casselman of Marianas Trench
  • Nonna's Back for Nickelback - Breanna wins!

    Nonna's Back for Nickelback - guess her cover to win tickets!
  • Nonna's Back for Nickelback - guess the song and win tickets!

    Nonna "sings" Nickelback for your chance to Beat the Box Office to see them in Vancouver
  • Jacqueline had chemotherapy Friday...and ran with us on Saturday. This is her inspirational story!

    Meet Jacqueline, a cancer survicor with the most inspirational message!
  • This is why Nonna's a snowbird every winter

    Would you ever want to be a snowbird during the winter months? Let's find out why Nonna flies South this time of year!
  • What's the biggest thing you've won from Roll Up The Rim?

    Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim is back - what's the best thing you've won?
  • Have you ever gone off of Facebook? Here's Nonna's digital advice!

    Have you ever done a digital detox?
  • Have you ever tried alternative medicine?

    I just tried acupuncture - do you use alternative medicine?
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