Brittany King

Brittany King

Can I get a ride home? You drive, I'll play Today’s Best Music! Also lots of Nonna phone calls, giveaways, news & local events and personal stories (I want to hear yours, too!) Got a motorcycle road trip I should, trail to hike or book to curl up with? Tell me! And let’s hang out weekdays from 2-6, ok?

  • Operation: Carry My Blind Dog Up a Mountain was a success!

    When your dog is too blind to hike, what do you do? Try out a pet carrier backpack, obviously.
  • What's your favorite style of french fry?

    Rejoice! It's National French Fry Day...what's your favorite fry?
  • When was the last time you felt old?

    When was the last time you felt old? Do you know what Bumble is? It was just explained to me...and I felt old.
  • Is your office a meat locker?

    Are you always super cold at work? How do you warm up?
  • Guess what's back for Canada's 150th?

    Roll Up the Rim is back for Canada's birthday...and it FOOLED me
  • How do you get over heartbreak?

    One fan asked Rihanna how to get over his first love - this is what she told him