Bras Across the Bridge

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Show YOUR support of the Canadian Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Awareness with Max 104.9 Bras Across The Bridge! Our community unites with Carpet Ranch and NJM Mobile Solutions as we string your donated bras across the Veteran’s Bridge in Bathurst! A dollar for each bra will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society by Carpet Ranch.

Drop off a bra right now at Carpet Ranch, 1263 Rue Principale, Beresford or NJM Mobile Solutions, 188 Main Street!  Don’t have a bra to give? Purchase a paper one with 100-percent of proceeds going to the cause. Bras across the Bridge on September 30th and October 1st, it’s our official kick off to Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the Canadian Cancer Society on Max 104.9!

Brought to you by our major sponsor Carpet Ranch! Drop off location also at NJM Mobile Solutions.