Bombardier awaits anti-dumping duties over C-Series jet

Bombardier is expected to learn Friday about anti-dumping duties over its C-Series commercial jet.

The U.S. Commerce Department was expected to announce preliminary anti-dumping duties Thursday, but said it was holding off until Friday.

The move follows last week's move to impose nearly 220 per cent preliminary countervailing tariffs on Bombardier.

Bombardier is bracing for a similar type of announcement pertaining to anti-dumping duties, but has said it's confident the American penalties will be overturned.

Boeing complained to the American government about Bombardier earlier this year after the Montreal-based company secured a deal to sell C-Series planes to Delta airlines last year.

The government agreed that Bombardier benefited from improper government subsidies.

The Trudeau government has condemned Boeing for its complaint and has vowed to back Bombardier.