$1.7M announced for New Brunswick tourism projects


New Brunswick has long had the unfortunate, unofficial nickname Canada's “drive-through province” because lots of tourists drive through on the way to somewhere else.

New spending on a sprawling coastal eco-tourist attraction along the Bay of Fundy aims to have tourists put on the brakes and stay a while.

One of the beneficiaries will be a lodge built back in the 1960s by the wealthy Hearst newspaper family. It is located in the heart of New Brunswick's Fundy Trail Parkway.

Funding from two levels of government is aimed at upgrading infrastructure at the parkway, including the Hearst lodge. The feds have announced $600,000 and that money has been matched by the province.

The village  of Alma on the edge of Fundy National Park, already welcomes thousands of tourists each summer.

But, with the planned expansion of the Fundy Trail Parkway, they could be in line for even more visitors.