2017 one of the busiest snowmobiling seasons ever, club says

"Good snow" is being credited for one of the busiest snowmobiling seasons ever according to the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club.

It was so busy, president Richard Dobson tells the Northern Light, that the club logged around 2,400 hours grooming trails this year, up from 1,800 in previous years, and that the club has grown to include approximately 800 members.

But favourable winter conditions didn't just drive snowmobile enthusiasts to the trails.

Guy Hache of West End Sports says snowmobile sales were at a ten-year high this season, nearly doubling last year's sales while Atlantic Host Hotel's Keith DeGrace says his establishment welcomed snowmobilers from across the Maritimes, Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the U.S.

(with files from the Northern Light)