2018 Report Card on Homelessness suggests fewer homeless in Chaleur region

There are fewer people without a place to stay in the Chaluer region.

Figures from the 2018 Report Card on Homelessness suggest 98 people stayed in shelters in 2017, down from 134 in 2011.

Volunteers in several New Brunswick cities took to the streets over a 24-hour period in March in an effort to understand the scope of homelessness in Canada. 

Bathurst Youth Centre's Laura Aube says the reasons for homelessness are many and can include a lack of accessible affordable housing, low wages, and high food costs.

But Aube says an increase in local services has led to the reduction in instances of homelessness in our area.

Since 2011, the number of affordable housing units has doubled, and there has also been an increase in provincially-subsidized social housing units.

The average cost to rent a two-bedroom apartment is up from $525.00 to $550.00 while social assistance payments for a single person have held steady at $537.00.

Aube says we should see how the Bathurst area stacks up to the rest of the province in the coming weeks.