514-BILLETS dinged for unsolicited texts, to pay $10 coupons to clients: CRTC

Owners of Quebec-based ticket reseller 514-BILLETS have agreed to offer $10 rebate coupons to 7,500 clients in the first application of Canada's anti-spam law involving unsolicited messages sent to mobile phones.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission alleged that 514-BILLETS violated the law by sending text messages without the consent of recipients.

It also alleged the ticket reseller didn't identify the person who sent the messages or provide information so that recipients could contact the sender.

The 514-BILLETS service primarily resells tickets for sporting and cultural events.

It is owned by two numbered companies, 9118-9076 QUEBEC INC. and 9310-6359 QUEBEC INC., which have agreed to pay $75,000 in rebates and $25,000 to the federal government to settle the case.

The CRTC says the companies will also appoint an officer responsible for making sure the organization complies with Canada's anti-spam law, which lays out the conditions for sending electronic communications.