76% of Canadians now bank online or via app, up from 68% two years ago: poll

A new survey shows that more than three-quarters of Canadians now do their banking through digital channels, up from 68% two years ago.

The poll commissioned by the Canadian Bankers Association found that 53% say online banking is their most common way of banking.

The bi-annual online survey also showed that the second-highest ranked banking method was via mobile app, at 23%.

Just 12% of respondents said they mainly did their banking in person, and 10% said they largely used automated banking machines.

The association says this marks a sharp change from its first poll 16 years ago when 40% said they mainly banked at an ABM, 30% went in person to branches and only 16% banked online.

The online survey of 4,000 adult Canadians was conducted in December 2018.