AAA Junior Boys Volleyball Provincials kick off at ESN

AAA Junior Boys Volleyball Provincials get under way on Friday, May 5th at Ecole Secondaire Nepisiguit(ESN) in Bathurst.

ESN will host seven other teams from around the province.

The tournament kicks off at 4:00pm with ESN's first game taking place against Ecole Ste-Anne of Fredericton at 5:15pm.

Semifinals take place on Saturday, May 6th at 1:00pm with the championship match scheduled for 3:00pm.

Match schedule for ESN:


5:15pm  ESN vs. Ecole Ste-Anne(court 2)
7:45pm  ESN vs. Mathieur-Martin(court 2)


10:00am  ESN vs. Leo Hayes(court2)
1:00pm    Semifinal matches(courts 1 & 2)
3:00pm    Championship match(court 1)