Assembly of First Nations weighs in on NAFTA talks

The head of the Assembly of First Nations says an Indigenous chapter in a renegotiated NAFTA could require support from Indigenous Peoples south of the border.

Chief Perry Bellegarde says Indigenous Peoples were left out of North American free trade discussions of the 1990s, adding he is pleased to see Ottawa is working to change that.

Bellegarde, who is part of an advisory committee on the trade negotiations, says there is some instability in the White House at the moment and he acknowledges additional pressure may be needed to see movement on the part of the U-S.

He says they have to start working with Indigenous people on the U-S side.

Risa Schwartz, a fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, does not see an Indigenous chapter as a priority for the current U-S administration, but she said Mexico may be more amenable.