Astronaut David Saint-Jacques becomes fourth Canadian to spacewalk

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will never be the same again after he joined an elite club, spacewalkers, and more specifically Canadian space walkers.

He is now the fourth Canadian to complete a spacewalk.

He did it alongside NASA astronaut Anne McClain in about six-and-a-half hours yesterday before returning inside the International Space Station.

They did have some problems, however, with hearing each other becoming increasingly difficult.

McClain, meanwhile, reported having a thin layer of moisture inside her helmet.

The tasks took the pair all over the station and included relocating a battery adaptor plate, upgrading the station's wireless communication system and connecting jumper cables along the midpoint of the station's main truss to give Canadarm2 an alternative power source.

Canadarm2 is a sort of robotic hand that is crucial to maintaining the space station, and the new cables allow the arm to make repairs in case of an outage without requiring a spacewalk.

Saint-Jacques, McClain and Oleg Kononenko of the Russian space agency are scheduled to return to Earth in June.