Base Gagetown employs low flying aircraft for training

The Canadian Armed Forces is advising the public of noise pollution thanks to a training exercise involving low-flying aircraft beginning Saturday.

Exercise COMMON GROUND 2018 goes from November 10 to November 25 at the Base Gagetown Range and Training Area in Oromocto.

The Armed Forces says the weather will play a factor in the level of noise, noting on a clear day, sound waves spread into the atmosphere and eventually dissipate.

On a cloudy day, sound waves can bounce off the clouds and be redirected back to earth, resulting in a potential increase in the noise level.

The military says exercise COMMON GROUND 2018 contributes to the Canadian Army's readiness by enabling students at the Combat Training Centre to gain experience in applying their skills in a dynamic, challenging and realistic environment.

It adds flights are carefully planned and closely monitored to ensure public safety at all times.