Bathurst-area native alleges she lost job at Moncton Hospital over language proficiency

A Bathurst-area native alleges she was fired from her X-ray technologist job at the Moncton Hospital because her written English was not up to par in the eyes of her employer.

Annie Berthelot says her oral proficiency in English was tested before she was offered the job back in June.

Five months later, she was suspended after failing written language proficiency evaluations twice. 

Berthelot says the move is unfair because not all Francophone employees are required to take the test and notes some of her Anglophone counterparts got to keep their jobs though they failed their French proficiency tests.

She's upset Francophone staff are being targeted by such language tests and adds there are too few health professionals able to offer French-language services at the Moncton Hospital.

The Horizon Health Network says prospective employees must demonstrate their language and skill proficiencies in relation to the job they seek.

The Vitalite Health Network, meanwhile, says language proficiencies, both written and oral, are evaluated prior to being hired.

Berthelot is now working in a call centre while taking on-line English courses through CCNB in an effort to get her job back.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)