Bathurst church group aims to manage Fred Pitre Memorial Skate Park.

The Evangel Bathurst Church wants to run the city's skate park.

Jim Chamberlain proposed to Bathurst council earlier this week that his church's 'Youth Connect' run the Fred Pitre Memorial Skate Park free of charge.

Chamberlain stressed it would be his group's way of giving back to the community 'no strings attached'.

The group would manage the canteen and take care of maintenance, all while helping employees it would hire gain business skills.

Chamberlain requested the city fix the deck of the canteen, replace some siding, and ensure that washrooms are in working order.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie the city will prepare for the group to take over the park and will contact Chamberlain with the details at a later date.

Chamberlain hopes his group will be managing the park by the time school wraps up for the summer.