Bathurst council approves zoning change to protect Youghall Drive property

A motion approved this morning at a special public meeting by Bathurst council will allow for the construction of multi-unit residential dwellings on Youghall Drive while protecting the surrounding environment.

A large portion of trees on the property were clear cut over the weekend and Mayor Paolo Fongemie says council had to move quickly to protect the ones still standing.

Fongemie says clear cutting was not an issue when the project was presented and that council expedited the third reading once it became evident that the interest of citizens were not being respected.

Under the new zoning the numbered New Brunswick company(674872 NB Inc.) would have to abide by recommendations made by the city's Planning Advisory Committee including not cutting mature trees, that plans for things like surface draining be submitted with each building permit application, and that building foundations must comply with national building code requirements.

The property is located at 40 Youghall Drive, accross the street from CCNB.