Bathurst firefighters rescue two fishermen stuck on the water

Two men from the Sainte-Sauveur area are back on dry land safe and sound after becoming stranded in the Bathurst harbour last night.

Bathurst Fire Chief Donald Laffoley says the two men, both in their 30's, set out fishing in an inflatable boat from Youghall Beach when their motor lost power.

Laffoley says the boat got caught in the current and was being pulled towards the open water before getting caught on a sandbar.

The men were able to signal rescue crews to their location near Bayshore Drive with a flashlight.

Laffoley says they were out on the water for approximately 45 minutes and that they were not injured.

With the weather beginning to warm up and people starting to head out on the water, Laffoley reminds boaters to ensure all necessary safety equipment is on board.