Bathurst Mayor Disappointed at Lack of Commitment to Janeville to Bertrand Highway Connection

Bathurst’s mayor says it’s disappointing that the  provincial government doesn’t seem to be taking calls for a new highway from Janeville to Bertrand seriously.

Paolo Fongemie says such a connection would play an important role in the economic development of the region's communities.

He says recent investments, such as the renovation and expansion of the Chaleur Regional Hospital as well as the replacement  of the Brown's Bridge, are important but just a game of ‘catch up’ rather than economic development.

Fongemie tells the Acadie-Nouvelle that it’s disappointing to be told you’ve been given too much when presenting the government plans for economic development. Fongemie expects the matter to become an election issue in September.

Meanwhile, Bathurst-East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore MLA Denis Landry says his government realizes the need for such a road, noting the Acadian Peninsula is one of the few areas of the province not connected to a highway.

Landry says the project had been accepted back when he was Transportation Minister, but then the government changed and so did priorities.

He says the province will work with MP's to ensure it becomes a priority.

(With files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)