Bathurst Police Department celebrates 'National Police Week'

It's 'National Police Week' and the Bathurst Police Force is looking forward to connecting with the community it serves.

The force will be holding several activities this week aimed at raising awareness about the services they provide.

In addition to giving tours of its station, members of the force will be serving up means at the Bathurst Volunteer Centre and participating in several other community events.

Meanwhile, the force has a new commanding officer, for Monday at least.

As part of police week activities the department held a contest amongst middle school students to become 'Chief for a day'.

After receiving numerous submissions, Superior Middle School's Eloik Caissie was selected to temporarily fill the shoes of Chief Ernie Boudreau for the day.

National Police Week runs until Saturday.

A full schedule of activities and events is available on the City of Bathurst website.

Marlene Noel; Principal of Superior Middle School, Sgt. Eric Levesque, Bathurst Police Force, Eloik Caissie; student and Anne Marie Russell, Executive Assistant Bathurst Police Force.