Bathurst Police Force warns of scam following complaint from local business

The Bathurst Police Force is urging local businesses to be vigilant following a complaint of fraud by a local business.

Fraudsters have been calling businesses claiming that there's a problem with their point of sale terminals and getting the unsuspecting employee to activate gift cards or pre-paid credit cards in an attempt to 'fix' the issue.

The culprits then ask for the information on the card which gives them access to funds.

The force says phone calls from unknown individuals claiming to be sales persons or technicians for point of sale terminals should be terminated. 

It is possible to cancel such transactions, however the department says that depends on how quickly the fraudsters spend the cash linked to the cards.

The force says the following tips can help minimize the impact of these fraudulent calls on businesses:

  • Employers should educate employees about these types of criminal activities;
  • Employees should advise supervisors of any suspicious calls;
  • Take note of any information that may help to identify the individual on the phone;
  • Contact terminal providers to verify the validity of the call;
  • Report such incidents to local police.