Bathurst's mayor questions N.B.'s $4M investment in former Moncton High School building

The provincial government's plan to pump around $4 million into the former Moncton High School has left Bathurst's mayor scratching his head.

Last week Finance Minister Cathy Rogers said the building would be purchased by Heritage Developments Ltd. for $1 million while the government money would be used to help renovate the space.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie says it's 'interesting' how the province is stepping in to help resolve problems with the Moncton building and that Bathurst is left with several questions and concerns over how it's handling the former Smurfit Stone Mill property file.

He says the city wants to work with the New Brunswick government on the mill property's development but feels the province is on the wrong path and needs to step in to rectify the situation.

Fongemie says the mill file is already an election issue ahead of September's provincial vote.