Bathurst's new bylaw reflects growing popularity of food trucks

The City of Bathurst has updated its bylaws to reflect the growing popularity of food trucks.

Council unanimously passed the new version of the 'Transient Traders, Peddlers, Vendors and Mobile Trucks' bylaw on Monday night.

Under the new rules, a maximum of six seasonal food truck permits will be issued each year, a number mayor Paolo Fongemie says reflects what the local economy can handle.

Fongemie adds temporary permits, allowing more vendors, can be issued for special events.

The fee for a seasonal permit is set at $750, or $200 a month, numbers Fongemie says fall in-line with other municipalities in the province.

In the former version of the bylaw, non-residents vendors paid more for their permit however that provision has been removed.

Fongemie feels the rules are fair and reflect the present reality of food trucks.