Bathurst studying traffic flow at Main St./Douglas Ave. intersection

They say 'everything happens for a reason.'

Last year traffic lights at the corner of Douglas Ave. and Main Street were set as four-way stops because of a defect in replacement bulbs.

Since then, City Engineer Matthew Abernethy says, drivers found traffic flowed more efficiently so the city decided to leave them in flash mode in an effort to analyze the situation.

Abernethy tells the Northern Light a study is being conducted to figure out weather to keep the lights or remove them altogether, turning the intersection into a four-way stop with appropriate cross walks and signage.

He says the study is expected to take around three weeks and that a decision will be made based on the results.

As it stands, Abernethy says, the situation is not idea for pedestrians, adding there's been concern expressed over student safety along with positive feedback for the flashing lights.

(with files from the Northern Light)