Bell Media opens gates to HBO content, Hollywood movies under new Crave package

Viewers hoping to catch the latest HBO series and fresh Hollywood movies have a new choice in their streaming options.

Bell Media says it's throwing open the gates to its vast library of content that was previously only available to cable subscribers of The Movie Network and HBO Canada.

Starting next week, Canadians will have access to a bulked up version of the Crave streaming platform, dubbed Crave+, for an additional fee of about $10 per month.

A cable subscription will no longer be needed, though some providers may sell the package at a discount with other set-top TV offerings.

The move comes as Bell Media contends with competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The new package includes all of the Showtime and older HBO series previously on CraveTV, plus a roster of more recent shows like ``Game of Thrones'' and ``Westworld.'' Customers who don't want the extra stuff can hang onto a basic Crave package.