Belledune Port Authority strikes agreement with neighbouring First Nations communities

A number of First Nationals communities and the port of Belledune have signed an agreement that would see long-term relationships built on good faith, transparency and respect.

Pabineau First Nation Chief David Peter-Paul says he's pleased the Port Authority reached out to First Nations Communities and recognizes their desire to contribute to the region's prosperity.

Port Authority president and CEO Denis Caron says it will continue to work with First Nations people in sustainable business development in a combined effort to revitalize northern New Brunswick:

The agreement is designed to:

  • Maintain and foster sustainable long-term relationships that are transparent and respectful;
  • Support the revitalization of the Mi’gmaq communities while encouraging greater opportunities for Mi’gmaq participation in sustainable, lawful and respectful economic development;
  • Facilitate economic links between the Mi’gmaq communities and business proponents interested in developing on port land and/or utilizing port facilities.

The agreement stems from a number of meetings with Pabineau, Eel River Bar, Listuguj, Gesgapegiag and Gespeg First Nations communities.