Beresford Eco-Market seeks to hire manager and offer wider variety of products

The Beresford Eco-Market has been busy getting ready for its upcoming season.

2016 board president Yanick Sirois says funding has been secured to hire a manager with the position expected to be filled by June.

He says new equipment, like a refrigerated counter and a juicer have been purchased in an effort to accommodate a wider variety of products like meets and fresh juices.

Residents will have a few extra days to check out the market's wares this year.

Sirois says it will open on Saturday, June 17th and run until Saturday, September 30th which is four more days than last year.

Three new members, Emilie Hache, David Fontaine, and Rose-Helene Lanteigne were elected to the market's board of directors at its annual general meeting on Sunday, April 2nd.

The 2017 board of directors include:

  • Yanick Sirois - President
  • Anne Bard-Lavigne - Beresford's Town Council liaison
  • David Fontaine
  • Emilie Hache
  • Eugenie Boudreau
  • Patrick Hache
  • Rose-Helene Lanteigne

Sirois says executive positions are expected to be decided in the coming weeks.