Beresford Skate Club wins medals at 2018 Winter Skate competition

It was a successful trip to the 2018 Winter Skate competition for the Beresford Skate Club.

Members won a number of medals, including:

  • Charleigh Van der Pluijm - Gold medal(Pre-Juvenile Under 11)
  • Mackenzie Scott - Bronze medal (Junior Ladies)
  • Andrianna Scott - Silver medal(Pre Novice Elements)
  • Rayne Scott - Silver medal(Juvenile Under 14)
  • Adayleigha Drysdale - Bronze medal(Star 4 Under 10)

Meanwhile, Lexi Good, Abigail Cormier, Amelie Doucet and Chloe Lebreton received bronze certificates.

The competition was held January 5th to 7th in Fredericton.